Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last Minute Wedding in Virginia

The whole adventure started with a call from my college buddy, Tony. "Guess what? he said. "I'm getting married." Of course I knew hell must have been freezing over because Tony seemed to be the perpetual bachelor, but "it" was finally going to happen. Then he tells me the punchline... the wedding was going to happen 1 week from the day of the call. They had just decided a week before to get hitched and that it was going to be "just family" since their budget was so tight.

I found a loophole by offering to fly into Charlottesville to shoot their wedding. This way he gets a photographer, and I get to see an event that I thought might never happen. I just could not pass up the opportunity. And technically, I am family.

I am glad that I did too. The day was filled with warm and friendly folks. The weather was perfect, and the house where they had the ceremony was beautiful. His bride, Marilynn was the perfect hostess and I had a great time photographing the event. I wish them years of happiness together. Check out the galleries below: