Sunday, November 21, 2010

Where My Designs End Up...

One of my favorite Graphic Works clients, EES, was kind enough to send me a snapshot of her (Linda)  at a trade show. Rarely do I get to see where some of my designs end up so this was a treat for me. I have been working with EES for over 10 years and they fantastic people with innovative cleaning and odor control products for industrial in institutional use. They also have a retail division that sells the wildly successful BugBand insect repellents made with Geraniol. From humble beginnings, BugBand is now sold in huge retail chains and even in different countries around the world. That stuff works wonders at keeping insects away from you. 

I have created package designs, displays, retail signs catalogs and web sites for BugBand and EES so I have a lot of interest in their continued success. Thanks EES for being such great clients and friends.