Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kid's Studio Portraits While it Rains Outside

Sometimes the volatile Atlanta weather does not cooperate with a scheduled portrait session. Instead of scrapping the time slot, we decided to have some fun in the studio taking photos of young Danielle and Joshua. It is fair to say that I am not an expert kid photographer... that is I do not have a set of poses that I will run a child through. Instead, I will play with the kids and see what happens.

I like to include objects in the photo that show the size of the child like this tiny suitcase. 
I am not above using children as graphic elements like the striped photo below.

If the child has a favorite toy, it often makes it into the photo... like the bunny ears and Mr. Wabbit.

Both Mom and Dad are read heads so it is no surprise that Danielle has a gorgeous head of fiery locks.

This kid was working the set and liked to "Strike a Pose!"

Once little brother woke up from his nap, we grabbed a few candids.

We eventually ended up on the floor when Danielle's steam started to run out.

Mom got into the final frames to corral the kids.