Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Package Design for Ice N Heat Ultimate Combo Product

I love package design because it is a challenge to grab the attention of consumers in a busy retail store. People tend to make up their minds in a split second or two.

How does one balance the product name and image, key points, primary and secondary branding, box orientation, special callouts, required information etc. etc.?

Here is the final box for Ice N Heat's Ultimate Combo which is a unique hot and cold compress product. It contains 2 types of compresses that attach to the same body wrap using velcro. Anyway, there is a lot the box front needed to say, and it was like a puzzle to get them all to fit. This is version #18... which is shows how many layouts and alternate text versions were tried.

This particular client, BeWell USA, Inc., makes their own health-based products, but also makes private label versions on request for pharmacy chains. This is a factor in the design that required that I keep the primary branding area easily changed out with different logos.

This project included graphic design, photo retouching, illustration, copywriting and marketing... the whole shebang.