Monday, April 11, 2016

Putting Together a Wicked 3-D Puzzle Mask

Sometimes contractors break things while getting the job done. Don't get me started on hired workers because there are more mediocre ones than good ones out there. 

This particular contractor broke an irreplaceable clay mask while banging on the outside of the house. He hit the walls so hard that he made several masks and a painting fall off the wall. A simple warning could have prevented the destruction of this rare and wonderful clay mask, probably from a South Pacific native tribe. Below is what it looked like before.

The moment I saw it smashed to smithereens, knew that I would never find another one like it. The contractor compensated me for the damage and I boxed up the shards for the future. I did not want to just dump it in the trash. I suppose my childhood dream of being an archeologist would be put to the test by trying to reassemble it.  Putting a 3-D puzzle back together with missing parts was quite the challenge. The results were a bit Frankenstein-like, but it was better than nothing. Too bad that I did not realize that the gorilla glue would leave yellow lines. I guess that I will have to give up the dream of being like Indiana Jones or get a lot better at assembling puzzles.