Thursday, July 22, 2010

The iPhone 4G Replaces my Travel Laptop

Last summer I went to Seattle and Canada for a vacation with my wife. In the interest of saving space, weight and money, I left the laptop behind... a first! Rarely do I travel without it because it is the hub of my digital life on the road. For me having a computer was almost a necessity... That is until I bought the latest iPhone.

My plan for this trip was to use the iphone as my gps, email reader and local travel guide. The camera and high-def video is good enough to replace the snapshot camera and video camera that I used to carry. They say the best camera is the one you have on you and it that seems to be true. I like the low-tech point and shoot ease and immediacy of the snapshot memories.

This phone's battery life lasts 7 hours longer than both my old iphone 3 and laptop. This means I listened to music, watched movies, played games and wrote emails the whole 5 hour flight to Seattle and still had jucie left over.

Unlike some people, I had a very easy time pre-ordering and picking up this phone... In and out in 30 minutes. I heard stories of 1000 people waiting in other stores and even arrests when fights broke out. Is a phone worth going to jail? The answer is a qualified "maybe"...

I am glad I bought this little gizmo. There is no turning back now... other phones are just boring.