Saturday, July 17, 2010

Portrait Session With Atlanta Photographer Megan Case

I met Megan many years ago in a photography class that we took together. We did not talk much beyond class discussions, but I did take notice of her work. She was pushing ahead and standing out in the crowd.

On the last day we exchanged contact information and usually those kinds of connections never go anywhere. Luckily, this one did and now many years later we are shooting together. For this one, I was her assistant on a portrait shoot of a local musician, Dwight Raby. We had a shot list formulated before he showed up which helped the session run smoothly.

The results were just what we wanted... a very shallow depth of field with the eyes in sharp focus with the nose forward blurred and the ears backward blurred.

I was also proclaimed "The Best Photo Assistant Ever"... I'll take it because I've been called worse. You see more of Megan's work at