Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cut Resistant Glove Search Engine by Showa Best Glove

Last year I had the opportunity to work on a complex web design project for Showa Best Glove. They are one of the largest glove manufacturers in the world producing gloves for general purpose, disposable, chemical resistant, cut resistant and hi-tech applications.

Our task was to create a search engine for their cut resistant product line. With so many choices available to customers, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect glove for the job. The new search engine allows customers to select gloves based on different parameters and compare their favorites. The parameters include options of materials, color, cut resistance rankings, grip texture and so on.

Once a glove is chosen, they can elect to read detailed information about the glove, order a sample or download a product tech sheet. The site is meant for global use and has been translated into French and Spanish and also supplies different product options for 5 regions.

The site is driven by a massive database which alone was a herculean task to whip into shape after years of bloat and inconsistency. As simple as this site seems, it represents months of work by a small team of programmers, designers and photographers.

It is an ongoing project to update the photography on this site. We have set up a dedicated rig in the studio to make product photos of the palm and top of the glove. This allows us to shoot at a consistant angle in similar lighting for a reduced cost to the client.

We also shoot application photos of the gloves in use... This can involve setting up scenes in the studio or going to a location.

The site can be visited at