Sunday, April 8, 2012

Photos for the Struve Family

The Struve family has 2 beautiful children, and I just had to photograph them. One cold winter day, I showed up at their house with with lots of different photo equipment to try.

Ava is the newest addition to the family and the rat terriers had not quite figured out what type of dog she is.

Ava was an easy subject. All I had to do is say "Smile!" and she would light up on cue. What a star!

Here is Ava with young looking Grandma...

Elijah was not as easy. Imagine a bolt of pure lighting shaped like a little boy, and you will have the perfect description of how energetic he is. Below is a rare, non-blurred photo when he was still for a millisecond. It took bribery with a cookie to get this. I erased crumbs from his chin to hide the evidence.

In other cases, the old trick of holding the child with a death grip worked...

When Elijah got wise to that, we tried to distract him with a shiny iPad.

And then a romp outside where I proceeded to have a pile of leaves
tossed into my mouth. Delicious! You can see the windup here...

After that, we played "Find the Leprechaun's Gold", a made up game which had
him checking every tree hole and rock for a pot of treasure. He never found it.

After all that running around, I think he took a 5 second power nap with Mom and
Sis (captured below) before he started running laps around the yard again.

The morale of the story is that it is hard to capture lightning...