Monday, November 30, 2009

Corporate Event Photography at ADAC Atlanta

Low Light Conference at ADAC

I was hired by a long time client to take photos of a special event seminar about Green Design that she was hosting in ADAC's presentation room. The seminar had many distinguished speakers from the interior design, architecture and scientific worlds and it was important to record this event.

When I arrived at the room, I noticed how dark it was. Their plan was to show slides as the speakers talked about their areas of expertise. Mary requested no flash so that the speakers would not be disturbed.

Luckily, I own the new Canon 5D Mark 2 which allowed me to boost my ISO to extremely high levels without noise in the final images. Along with a trusty monopod and controlled application of the shutter, I was able to pull the job off without a hitch.

My client was thrilled with the final photos of the seminar and the wine party in her shop afterwards, and she gave me a nice compliment: "I did not even notice you during the seminar, but you got the shots!"