Sunday, November 22, 2009

Trading in Our Pool for a Back Yard!!!

After years of looking at a a rarely used pool in our back yard, we decided to do something about it. Honestly, we loved everything about this place EXCEPT for the pool. We bought it anyway thinking that we would learn to love the luxury of a private pool. We were wrong.

The previous owners must have been nuts to build a pool in a shady forrest next to a swampy marsh or they must have liked icy water and mosquitoes. That was our experience.

We had the pool demolished in the rainiest fall on record, but it eventually got done. And now, when we look in the back yard, the pool is a faint memory. An added bonus is that the dogs actually like to do their "business" in our yard instead of leaving the neighbors tootsie roll treats.

I made time-lapse movies of the whole event compressing whole days into minutes. I think it is fascinating to watch this transformation and you may too. Enjoy the videos below.