Monday, October 18, 2010

4 Month Old Alessandra Photos

Little Alli is one of the cutest babies that I have ever met. Just look at that face!

For a child this young, she has a lot of personality. I think I saw her expression change from "joy" to "surprise" to "sadness" to "confusion" to the "look a kid makes when they have to burp"... all in less than 30 seconds.

I was lucky enough to take newborn photos and these are the follow up photos.

Helping Mom Get Ready
For babies, a lot has changes in 4 short months. They grow so fast and everyday their brains connect to new parts of their bodies. I learned today that they start to recognize faces around this time.

Just today, Alli learned to stick her tongue out which had us laughing, and me scrambling to try to take a photo between the tongue flicking out.

The most amazing feature of this child is her deep blue eyes which she got directly from her grandmother. It is almost erie how much those two look alike.

Since it was Halloween season, we had to take some photos of Alli in her pumpkin shirt. We would have taken photos of her in her costume, but "we" ran out of steam.

Babies can only go so long before they have had enough. In fact something strange started to happen to Alli and I had to put the camera down for fear of getting bitten. ha ha

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