Monday, October 18, 2010

Headshots for 3 Atlanta Financial Advisors

At my day job, we recently put the finishing touches on the new Graphic Works photography studio. We always have had part of our office dedicated to studio photography, but frankly it was a little cramped for portraits. I would have to shoot down the hall to get the depth I needed. Not the best situation when dealing with people.

Now, all this all has changed with our new allocation of photo space. I can easily take head an even full body photos with my super sweet 70-200 zoom. The gear is organized and easy to get. This is awesome.

The first subjects in the new space were 3 financial advisors. If you recognize one of the faces, it's because I had just taken photos of Mark Koppelmann a week earlier. He liked them so much that he suggested that his colleagues get head shot portraits from me. We did 3 quick poses for each person an here they are. For the full gallery, click here.