Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photos of a Heirloom Quality Baptism Dress

I was asked to photograph baptism dress at the Graphic Works studio today. No big deal I thought...then my boss pulled it out of the case.

It was the most intricate and delicate heirloom-quality baptism dress that I had ever seen. The workmanship was impressive, and I can only imagine the amount of hours put into making something like that. Actually, there are over 40 hours of work into this.

What I was surprised to find was that the dress was totally hand made... including the lace.

This is not something that you get to see any more because people are unwilling to spend that amount of time and effort doing this tedious and delicate work by hand.

Making the white on white details of the stitching show up was a challenge, but you can see that every stitch was placed with love. If you need a good seamstress or a baptism outfit for your child, contact Susan Wasmer at