Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Portraits With The Caponis

Several of my friends are in the process of expanding their families and I have become the "unofficial" family photographer taking portraits every few months. This keeps me involved as the honorary uncle and let's me spend time with the little munchkins that grow like kudzu in the summer.

 The Caponis wanted some 9 month photos of little Allessandra so I packed up the portable studio and went to their home. We made good use of our time taking photos of both parents, grandma, the dog and baby.

We took some photos of Mom and baby, Dad and baby and Grandma and baby.

Allesandra has Grandma's deep blue eyes and looks like a mini-me version of her.

Here are three generations together. Talk about a family resemblance.

Allessandra was dressed to the 9's with a flower headband and striped trousers. Cute!