Thursday, February 10, 2011

Photoshoot for New Cut Level 5 Gloves

Being in the advertising business gives me a first hand look at incredible products before they become well known on the market. At Graphic Works I regularly work for a large global glove manufacturer who has over 1800 different varieties of gloves and sleeves for hand protection. They have a glove for every occasion and for every segment of the market including chemical resistant, cut resistant, hi-tech, disposable and general purpose. I have personally tested many of them and they are tough!

This photo was taken with a split diffuser to get hard light on the glove and soft light on the background.

For Showa Best's latest offering, we needed to photograph 3 of their new high-level cut-resistant gloves. These products have some of the highest ANSI cut level protection ratings available. We often take 2 types of photographs of the gloves... beauty shots and application shots. Both of these photos can be used in advertising, catalogs and web sites.

The top layer of metal on this photo was white foam core which was later digitally replaced by metal textures.

The photographs often start with a rough concept and we then build a small set in studio to bring the sketch to life. Sometimes we have to have the elements positioned exactly like the sketch to fit the photo into a specific layout. Other times we can use the sketch as inspiration.

Here are the three photos all shot in studio. After each image is carefully retouched, hopefully they look like they were taken on a dirty construction site.

My boss had fun smashing these wood pieces! What a racket!