Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Web Site for Honey Do Done!

Anyone with a "significant other" understands the importance of a "Honey-Do" list. This is the one that hangs on the refrigerator or next to a calendar of short and long-term projects that need to be completed. The more one get's done on the list, the more honey one gets... or at least that is what is implied.

That might have been the inspiration for Honey Do-Done, a handyman business in Atlanta that can handle practically any job from small to large. Shane, the owner of the business, has a lot of experience doing many different types of odd jobs. I personally think this company provides a way for local husbands to get out of the doghouse... which coincidentally he can build for you too.

I built a basic web site for Honey Do-Done, and we will be adding to the site in coming months when he gets more project photos taken.