Sunday, August 2, 2009

Matrondola 50th Anniversary Celebration

The parents of my friend, Lisa, were having their 50th wedding anniversary and she asked me to take photos to commemorate the event. In a time when 60% of all marriages fail, it is amazing to see a couple who have been together this long. I had fun meeting everyone and watching the festivities.

Among the highlights of the night was that the anniversary cake that ended up on the anniversay couple's faces... just like newlyweds.

Roberto & Max the Boston Terrier

Being an owner of 2 Boston Terriers myself, Roberto and Max caught my eye in Piedmont Park. After sharing stories of our furry friends, Roberto let me take a few photos of him and the dog. It seems that Max came to Roberto by way of a will. After many month of anxious behavior by the dog, they were starting to bond. Looks like Max found a great new home.