Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother and Daughter Photos in Virginia

I have known Susan and her mom, Becky for a very long time... maybe over 30 years. Susan was my sister's friend and I tried to keep those 2 out of trouble...let's just leave it at that.  Here is a photo of me and Susan in the 1980s. I had found a wig and was trying to do my best Bon Jovi impression.

Embarrassing? It was not as bad as my early 90's mullet.
The current Susan is to shown to the below, and I think she has aged pretty well.

I try to get back to Virginia a couple of times a year, and my mother asked me to take portraits of Susan and Becky when I was there. I was glad to do it so we met at a local park that I had not seen before. I never know what a new location will offer so I got there early to find the best spots available. Luckily, there was a grove of trees and covered picnic tables. It would have to do since the rest was soccer fields. You can kinda see the location behind us. The lovely lady next to me is my own Momma.

These were important photos to take because I knew how terrible a year Becky had endured with a cancer diagnosis and painful treatments. These were to celebrate the relationship that mother and daughter have. Even if they want to strangle each other at times, they still love each other greatly.

Becky is a trooper putting up with the stagnant stuffy Virginia heat for our photo session.

Yes, they ladies wanted to show off their cool sunglasses.

 The sun was certainly bright, but nobody melted.

I hope that these photos will bring them memories of good times.