Sunday, August 24, 2014

Burlesque Dancer at Rosé Wine Party

Sometimes my job can be so fun that I forget I am working. This was the case when I was hired to take photos at a burlesque-themed rosé wine party.

A burlesque dancer named Amy was hired to entertain the surprised guests who were also dressed in various shades of rosé pink or sterotypical "French" attire. That includes berets and feather boas for us Americans. Check out the characters below... Magnifque!

Coincidentally, these two got engaged that day...

Entertainment included singing in French, comedy gags and Moulin Rouge style dancing. Plus, there was an elaborate strip tease with a "memorable" finale... If you want to see that, you are going to have to hire Amy. She is wonderful so you won't regret it.  Contact her at

 Afterwards, Amy took photos with the guests... never dropping out of character. This lady has tons of charisma which made my job much easier. She is also a master costume maker and seamstress. Look at the details in the outfit she made. Imagine putting that on by yourself.

Below is my favorite photo of the entire evening which I snapped in front of my light box.

Guess who had the better legs below?

Many of the partygoers were very old friends so it was a perfect time for group portraits! 

Here are some of my favorite photos of the night.

The last photo reminded me of Linda Carter... yes, the 1970s era Wonder Woman.

She thought I was crazy to think this, but I know that I am right.