Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two for One Headshot Sessions

When two of my buddies told me within the same week that they wanted new head shots, my response was to proverbially kill two birds with one Canon. There is nothing more business-like than high efficiency, but that does not mean we had to be boring. They wisecracked jokes the whole time. I am afraid that they might hurt me for posting the photo below... ha ha.

We knocked out the standard business head shots first. Unless I am trying to specifically match the style of a company's headshot, I tend to shoot a variety of backgrounds for the client. I can do this quickly by moving a few prearranged backdrops.

The requirements for Jason were slightly different since the headshot was going to include his company logo on his shirt. He owns Performance Audio & Video of the best audio, video and home automation companies in Atlanta. Give him a call if you need any of that.

While Justinas was dressed to the nines, I took some full body portraits in case he becomes a CEO or lawyer in the coming years. I remember the first time I met him with long hair riding a motorcycle. Now he is a respectable business man, and he cleaned up nicely.

We then moved on to more stylized photos. For Jason, I used a warmer tone to match his shirt. For Justinas, I chose to use a slightly blue cast to match his shirt. I think doing this emphasizes the face more and the clothing less.

I know for sure that I have the best friends in the world.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Character Portraits

What is the best holiday of them all? I say Halloween for many people including adults. This might be the only yearly event where people get to step outside of their mundane lives and become somebody more interesting for a night.

In years passed, I have been hired to run photo booths at masquerade parties. These are as much fun for me as the participants. I love to see what will walk through the door. Maybe stars from the past will reappear...

In the case of Ricky and Lucy here... they were just enhancing reality with a sense of humor.

I think you can tell a lot about a person from the disguise he or she chooses. It could be a hero or villain unlike themselves. So, our next guy could be the dashing Clark Gabel...

...or a scoundrel tycoon named Dick Dasterly. You decide.

 A costume could be in poor taste and you wish you had not seen it. An example of this was a pudgy white man I saw (in 1998) who dressed himself as a minstrel-styled Aunt Jemima... yes, the nice lady from the syrup bottle. He even had a plate of pancakes and sang what he called "spirituals." Unfortunately,  you can't unsee or unhear some things. My advice... don't do this. And by the way, the guy next to him is no priest... 

The characters can come from literature like the Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

...or from pop culture like the Tom Petty styled Mad Hatter that came with the Queen.

This only makes sense if you saw his 1984 music video for "Don't Come Around Here No More"

Sexy vampires almost make you want to get bitten. More than once please...

I'm not sure if the motherly Morticia from the Adams Family was a vampire or not...

Some people never grow up and have to take their mummies everywhere. This gentleman English explorer's costume and expression were spot on. Blimey!

Whoa! I hope it wasn't the liver paté that made her turn green...

A touch of the old country... all that is missing is some beer mugs and polka music.

Is this what the Tooth Fairy really looks like?

It's only fair that I should embarrass myself with my favorite Halloween outfit of all time. One year I went as my West Virginia cousin, Bubba Joe Jethro (the third). The ladies loved my dental work.

That guy always gets out of hand though. Here he is talking things over with a security officer.

I hope that everyone reading this has a wonderful Halloween. Be safe.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zombie Transformation Caught on Film

Fans of The Walking Dead have seen plenty of zombies. Usually they are shown in a state of decay just long enough to get their heads smashed in by the heroes of this popular TV series.

But, after watching every episode, I don't think I have ever seen a zombie transformation. For the first time EVER, this unseen event has been captured with time lapse photography. It's not a pretty sight either. If you are easily frightened, turn your eyes away now.

Apparently, the pre-zombie being grows a wild beard and his teeth turn into hideous bucktooth fangs. If you don't believe me, just watch the video evidence. It's got to be true if it's on the internet, right? See the link zombie video here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

CEO Power Portraits

One of my favorite things to do is make corporate style portraits. Usually that involves head shots, but it can also include body poses too. These can be great for magazine covers, articles or web pages. You never know where the images could end up including company sites, social media, email or print. In the samples below, I composited the client into 2 different backgrounds.

In this case, they will be used for several different types of articles on the company web site. With just a few modifications in the studio, I was able to provide a wide range of photos from formal to more informal. Providing different looks during a shoot gives the client's graphic designer much more material to work with. Variations on a theme? Check, check and check...

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Burlesque Dancer at Rosé Wine Party

Sometimes my job can be so fun that I forget I am working. This was the case when I was hired to take photos at a burlesque-themed rosé wine party.

A burlesque dancer named Amy was hired to entertain the surprised guests who were also dressed in various shades of rosé pink or sterotypical "French" attire. That includes berets and feather boas for us Americans. Check out the characters below... Magnifque!

Coincidentally, these two got engaged that day...

Entertainment included singing in French, comedy gags and Moulin Rouge style dancing. Plus, there was an elaborate strip tease with a "memorable" finale... If you want to see that, you are going to have to hire Amy. She is wonderful so you won't regret it.  Contact her at

 Afterwards, Amy took photos with the guests... never dropping out of character. This lady has tons of charisma which made my job much easier. She is also a master costume maker and seamstress. Look at the details in the outfit she made. Imagine putting that on by yourself.

Below is my favorite photo of the entire evening which I snapped in front of my light box.

Guess who had the better legs below?

Many of the partygoers were very old friends so it was a perfect time for group portraits! 

Here are some of my favorite photos of the night.

The last photo reminded me of Linda Carter... yes, the 1970s era Wonder Woman.

She thought I was crazy to think this, but I know that I am right.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It Would Have Been 54 Years Ago...

Wedding anniversaries in my family are not usually celebrated as big events outside of the married couple. Years ago, when my parents had their 50th anniversary, it came and went quietly. They did not want the attention or the hullabaloo.

Today would have been my parent's 54th wedding anniversary. 

My Dad missed it by less than half a year having passed away in April. My Mom is bravely facing this day "alone" so we are all thinking about her right now.

Over the years my parents rode the peaks and valleys of any marriage, learning to communicate as two totally different types of people and somehow made it work.

A big component of their lives was their children and grandchildren, but this is just about them.

My Mom shared a personal story of how my Dad would hide Snickers bars under her pillow or present her with flowers gathered from everywhere except the florist. The example below looks like it did come from a  florist, but he probably borrowed it from somewhere. Don't ask...

This is one of the last photos that I took when my Dad still had a sparkle in his eye. He had the same sparkle when he would sing songs or expertly whistle tunes for my Mom.

This was the photo we used for my Dad's funeral, and now it hangs in their bedroom next to the sparkly butterflies my Dad made for my Mom aeons ago.

Almost 54 years together is quite an accomplishment. I really don't have the words to describe what their partnership together must have been like so I'll leave it to the expert. Alan Jackson... take it away. This song is dedicated to Carol and Charlie Hughes on their 54th anniversary. It is their life and I would have sworn he wrote it for them.

See video here:

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New Breed of Bearded Terrier Discovered

What you are looking at here is the first known photo of the fabled bearded terrier of south eastern United States. These creatures are incredibly shy, living in the backwoods of the Georgia mountains. 

It is said that a regular old hound dog fell into a vat of 100 proof moonshine and swam a few laps. Then miraculously his beard began to grow like those Duck Dynasty guys. I have no idea if that is true, but these are amazing looking animals.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome to Earth Little Michael

Just a quick post to welcome Michael to this fine planet of ours. Say hello...

New baby parts below...

He joins his parents Amber and Jason plus sister Alessandra.

Big sis has already broken in her parents so Michael might be able to get away with more as a second child. Or perhaps, they will know how to spot his rascally tricks. Only time will tell.

I love this pose as Mom cradles baby.

Michael calls this "the claw" pose... I think I heard him meow as he did this.

One thing is for sure... he looks like a cool kid. 

Already Michael has made his parents very happy, and all he has done so far is mess up a bunch of diapers. Just wait until he does something really great!