Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Photos for Danielle

Check out the Chrsitmas Baby Photo Gallery
Danielle just turned one year old, and wow! is she growing. I have known her parents, Josh and Michelle for a long time, and we came up with a plan to take photos of "Dani" indefinitely for many years to come. Children grow so much the first few years that it is important to document them at this time. Everyday is an adventure through their eyes.

Check out Danielle's firs birthday gallery
We took some photos of of her birthday outfit and Christmas dress. She was a real trooper hanging in there for a long time for a small child. Her father, Josh, deserves an Oscar for "Best Comedic Performance" because he made a fool out of himself trying to get Dani to smile. I think it worked.

Check out Danielle in her First Birthday Gallery here.

Check out the Danielle in here Christmas dress here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chilly Holiday Photos

I met my nephew and his family early one morning in Town Center in Virginia Beach, Virginia for some quick photos for their holiday cards. The weather had been pleasant until that morning when chilly winds started blowing hard enough to make me feel like my jacket had a hole in it. We were all cold so we cut the session down to just a few moments. Brrr....

You can check out the gallery here.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Digital Doctoring on a Corporate head Shot

Recently I was asked by a client to retouch a corporate headshot photo that I took of her. I usually touch up minor skin blemishes and fly-away hairs, but this request was more than that. She told me that in the past year she had suffered severe medical issues resulting in a weight gain that she was uncomfortable with. I can relate.

When I get such requests, I have no problem tweaking the image to make them happy... after all it's their face and a lot cheaper than plastic surgery. We all just want to look good.

DesignConnex Web Site

Visit the DesignConnex web site

Graphic Works has entered into a new partnership with KnowledgeConnex to provide graphic design services to trade associations nationwide. We built a new web site to to promote these services to their clients.

Check out the new DesignConnex web site here.

Confide IT Web Site

Visit the Confide IT web site for epert SAP and IT consulting.

I recently finished a web site for an SAP/IT specialist named Damian DellaVecchio who wanted to be able to easily update text himself. The completed design is clean HTML, uses minimal flash and is client serviceable. Visit the web site here.