Saturday, January 11, 2014

Family Portraits of the Distant Cousin of Al Capone


What does a photographer do when the rumored distant relative of Al Capone asks you to take photos of his family? You say yes sir... especially when he brings his beautiful pregnant wife, Amber, and adorable daughter, Allessandra.

We had been planning a family session for a while. Spring turned into summer and then summer into fall. If we waited much longer, it was going to get cold and ugly outside.

We met in my favorite local photo spot and proceeded to try and tire Alessandra out. This was difficult to do since she was literally running circles around us. Ah... youth... can you bottle that energy?

It's important to capture special moments with children when they are young because you'll never get this close to them when they become teenagers.

There is no question who Allessandra looks like.

Backlit fall trees provided a spectacular background.

I love to mix natural and manmade things in my scenes with walls helping to bring some structure to the composition.

Alessandra found a wondrous treasure and wanted to show it to everyone.

A belly contest ended the day. Jason was trying extra hard to stick his gut out since he is a skinny guy. I guess he should have had a bigger lunch.