Thursday, January 16, 2014

Family Photos on a Beautiful Fall Day

Ever since Ken and Anna had their first born daughter, we have been trying to get together for some family portraits. The scheduling was not helped by the fact that they lived in both Canada and the USA at different times... like migrating snow geese.

Now that daughter number two was several months old... this was getting out of control. 
We needed to put a date on the calendar.

On one of the last good fall weekends, we spent some time making portraits. Ellie, who was terrified of me as a younger child came out of her shell and was hilarious.

She would go between super-adorable to silly.

Contrary to what you mom might have told you, your face will not permanently stay that way if you make a funny face.

I love Atlanta in the Fall, even more than the Spring, because it is much more colorful... and no pollen. This would have been a great day for a family picnic.

Just the girls...

Daddy's girl...

Mom and the new gal, Juniper...

Who wouldn't want a miniature clone of themselves?