Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nissan 370ZX in an Beautiful Fall Setting

My boss just bought a new automobile after years of nursing his aging convertible. It was time for an upgrade after dealing with the decreasing reliability of his old ride.

After weeks of eluding our questions... he FINALLY answered by driving up in a shiny new Nissan 370Z. I am so glad that he bought this version. The design is as stunning as any car on the road today... at least ones that normal people can afford.

I would not consider myself an automotive photographer by a long shot, but I never miss the opportunity to try to shoot something new. One day after work, we went out to the back of our parking lot where some of the fall foliage was starting to catch fire. Between all the cars leaving work and the fading sun I was able to catch a few angles of the car.

I quickly realized that this particular car is so shiny that it reflects everything in the near vicinity. To my eye, that caused a lot of messy reflections which break of the distinct lines of the 370Z as seen below.

My most successful photographs of the car used the cloudy sky as a big soft box which clearly defines its muscular lines. They are also free of street and branch reflections which cause visual confusion.

Next time I would love to photograph this car in a more controlled setting without having to worry about getting run over while I lay prone in the parking lot.