Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pain in the Glass

Making photos of glass products can be challenging since the surface reflects everything including lights, reflectors,  the surrounding studio and even the guy behind the camera. To avoid this, the lights can be moved from the front of the product to the sides or behind. This allows the strobes to shape the edges of the glass product, not the center.  Doing this allows the glass to maintain the appearance of transparency while also showing the shape of the object. 

The photos were made for, a company that makes customized chemical etched art on glassware for special occasions. Their artistic process creates unique keepsakes for weddings, showers, parties or just about any event you can imagine.

My plan was to set up one rig that would accommodate most of the different shaped glasses without having to make a custom shot for each one. This was important since I priced this job as bulk photography, and it was not in the budget to have a custom lighting solution for each style.

Here are a few examples of the glassware for weddings...

 bridal showers...

and even bachelor parties.