Sunday, January 12, 2014

Portraits of an Atlanta Astrologer

Some people that I meet leave a great impression. This was the case with Maureen
who contacted me to have portraits made. 

I knew right away that I liked her kind disposition and easy going personality.
Hopefully, that comes through in the photos.

Her plan was to use the photos for her astrology business, social media,
and maybe even for some online dating. 

We spent our time trying different settings, backgrounds and arrangements. I try to give clients the variety they want, and as a photographer, this allows me to experiment with different techniques along the way. The next photo was made with a special doughnut-shaped ringflash which makes interesting catch lights.

The amethyst ring was a personal gift from her mother that was important to Maureen so we
included it. The matching background color ties it all together.

A scarf can be used in so many ways in a photoshoot. No woman should be without one.

My prediction came true... working with Maureen was a pleasure.