Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Video for a wedding, a Baptism and a 3 First Communions

Lituanians know how to pack many events into one big church service, and I was asked by my friend Paulius of to be his videographer for a day. Usually, he and his brother, Justinas, take photos and video at these events, but Justinas was out of town. We recorded a wedding, a baptism and a 3 first communions in the span of a couple of hours.

To make matters more challenging, the services were not in English and this was the first time for me using their pro video camera. Paulius was able to give me cues from across the room so I knew when to move in for important moments. This on-the-job training was invaluable.

It was a great fun, and I felt like we were preserving important memories for the families involved. Talk about cramming a lot into one day.