Friday, September 25, 2015

A Quick Journey to Asheville, North Carolina

This summer I took a quick 3 day weekend to meet up with my wife and her twin sister's family. I left the heavy cameras at home and took a "point and shoot".  Here are some of the images from that fun time.

I took the Subaru on the road trip and it performed flawlessly in the scary storm that was so bad the radio recommended taking shelter. I think a Subi counts as shelter, right?

The twins sisters. It was strange to see another copy o my wife.

We hit the arts district which is loaded with many great sights to see.

We had some fun taking multiple exposures...

I must be strange... I like this defocused image I accidentally made.

Can I say "Pretty as a picture?" here?

My niece in her athletic glasses. Her regular ones got broken.

My nephew who has grown into a nice young man.

Jenny and I returned to our favorite stairwell for some selfies.

A great family friend kept things lively.

Despite the camera being a cheapy, it captured some vibrant scenery.

We spent much of the time in the ultra-modern rental house on the side of the mountain. It looked like a futuristic movie set... and it had 2 bears who visited. See Asheville bear video here.

There was time to just relax too.

The clouds were spectacular one night.

And a final sunset group photo and we left the next morning.

This would be a great family tradition...