Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Just Photographed the REAL Santa Claus!

I was hired to photograph a Christmas party where Santa was going to make a guest appearance. Being a big kid myself, I was excited to see who was going to walk through the front door, and I was not let down. Imagine the surprise a child might have being greeted by Santa Claus himself!

We have all seen actors that get picked to play Santa in holiday commercials. Some of them kind of look like famous St. Nick, but others just look like geriatric fat guys pulled out of a local BBQ joint. Not his Santa... he was impressively authentic.

I am here to tell all those other fake Santas to step aside, because I think that I finally met the real Santa. The only thing missing was the bag of toys and the reindeer which he could name in order. I could not.

This jolly old elf was not like those sidewalk Santas in their in their stuffed, poorly fitted red suits. This Santa had style and was dressed in such a way that he felt like a timeless character from a different century.

He had lace at his wrists, heavy leather boots and a twinkle in his eye letting everyone know that he was having a grand time talking to the children and adults alike. The beard was real and spectacular.

We were all put under his magical Christmas spell and there was no doubt that the real Santa had taken time off from his hectic pre-Christmas schedule to visit us. He was so good with the children, and their eyes were wide with wonder.

Everyone at the party took turns telling Santa what was on their list. I overheard everything from Legos and video games to new cars and fancy bottles of wine. How he can keep track of all of this is anybody's guess.

I can barely remember what my wife asked me to get at the store. I hope Santa has modernized his operation with computers and a database of who is "naughty and nice".

Some of the adults at the party were very naughty trying to get Santa to have a mixed drink. Don't they know what would happen if Santa got a DUI? Christmas would have to be canceled!

I printed the portraits on location so that everyone got a 4x6 picture souvenir. The rest of the photos went online so that parents could print or download them.

The last photo is a special thanks to the standing gentleman who was the father of Alicia, the hostess. He was gracious enough to be my Santa stand-in while I set up and tried different lights. He was a class act.

I think I saw him and Santa exchanging stories of Christmas past.