Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Banner Stands for Tradeshows by

Presentech's Tradeshow Product Offerings
As a graphic designer, I have worked with Presentech in Atlanta, Georgia for probably close to twenty years. As a service bureau, they are unmatched in the small and large format digital print services that they provide. The kind of trust that is built up by such a long relationship is not easy to find in today's "save a penny" internet world. If you have ever been let down by generic online sellers like I have, then you know how important it is to be able to talk to real people who can help with a rush project or product advice. They have always delivered which has gone a long way to build my own business.

The biggest difference between Presentech and other print related service bureaus, is that they do not wait to make improvements to their products and services. Any time I talk to them, they are expanding or improving upon the products and services they offer... the latest upgrade being in the highly competitive trade show banner stand category.

I should know because I update their web site and have the unique viewpoint of what goes on behind the scenes and also use them as a service provider. I see the products before they become available to the public. I have sold many of these banner stands to client who need something portable to catch attention at tradeshows.

Presentech's banner stands include the top of the line EXPOLINC banner stands, premium retractable banner stands, non retracting banner stands and value banner stands. I highly recommend their products and you should check out the Presentech web site if the need arises.