Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Syl Arena Canon Speedliting Class

Syl Arena, the writer of the popular photo blogs, and was in Atlanta to teach his philosophy of using portable off camera flashes to create dynamic and beautiful light. This class was specifically for the Canon Speedlite system which has its share of idiosyncrasies.

Syl showed us how to create interesting lighting effects using portable Canon flashes, diffusers and hi-speed synching techniques. The all day class opened my mind to what is possible with the simple flashes I already carry in my bag. I learned powerful techniques that give the photographer the tools to turn high noon into midnight, or make the mundane dramatic. Really magical kind of stuff.

During lunch, I shared a photo of my wife with Syl who told me that he would love to photograph her. I guess redheads have to stick together. The next day he produced some of my favorite images that I have seen of my wife, Jenny.

Any photographer looking to refresh his small flash knowledge, or push onto the next level, should definitely consider taking this class. A full event schedule can be found here. And if that was not enough, Syl is putting the finishing touches on his Canon Speedliting book due out within months. I personally can't wait. Thanks Syl.