Sunday, June 6, 2010

Goodbye to My Trusty Honda VFR Motorcycle

Eleven years and 30,000 miles together was how long our love affair lasted. To be honest, I still love her to this day. I still remember when I met her, looking like a shiny red rock star, with a bark like a pit bull. Of course I am talking about my 1998 Honda VFR Interceptor. Through the years we had many adventures together and I met some of my best friends on long Sunday rides with her.

Some of the highlights included:
  1. Fighting the Dragon at Deals Gap
  2. Wolf Pen Gap's tight, twisty and narrow roads
  3. Highway 60 through gorgeous North Georgia farmlands
  4. Richard Russell Scenic Highway... our own personal racetrack
  5. A stupid top speed warp to 160 mph (a scary 234.67 feet per second)
  6. Picking up friends who ran out of gas and laughing all the way to the gas station
  7. Watching daring feats of skill in front of me by talented/crazy riders
  8. Racing another VFR until he crashed
  9. Being covered from head to toe in flies because I rode through a mile long night swarm. This was disgusting and made me wonder why Harley Davidson riders wear open face helmets.
  10. And, number one on the list... almost getting bitten by a huge rattlesnake sunning itself in the middle of the road. Eyewitnesses behind me said it coiled up and sprang at me, missing me by inches. And I thought it was just a big stick in the road. Geez!
My good buddy Justinas from Wow Motorcycles picked up my bike, and now I hope she will go to a good home where she will have even more adventures. Thanks for the memories.