Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rockabilly Rumble at Blind Willy's in Atlanta, GA

Last Sunday I went to Blind Willy's in the Virginia Highland neighborhood in Atlanta to watch four rockabilly bands. It was more like a trip back to the days when rock was young and Greasers were too cool for school. Here is the bassist from Junior, Dolan and Cash... the best haircut of the night!!

I took my Canon 7D to try to capture some of the show not knowing what I would encounter. I figured this would be a good test for this new camera to see how it performs in extreme low-light situations. When I say low light, I mean a few strands of Christmas lights and some Home Depot sourced stage lights.

My friend Scott Dorman who invited me works with photographer named David Stuart who also happens to be a gifted guitarist in band, The Stumblers. Here they are jammin'.

David was playing in guitar in metal bands long before he ever picked up a camera.

Here are the Stumblers ripping through their set. They sounded fantastic!

The light came from gelled Home Depot style lights.

The results are admittedly gritty, but still worlds above other cameras that I have owned in this class. My Canon 5D Mark II may have handled the low light better, but it was fun to see what I could get by pushing the sensitivity of this camera to the max. For you tech heads that ISO6400 shot at f/4 for anywhere from 1/10th to 1/40th of a second. I kinda like the low-fi quality of these which reminds me of the high-speed film I used back in my college days. See the full gallery here...