Saturday, June 26, 2010

Newborn Photos of Baby Alessandra

The name Alessandra could have at least 5 nicknames that can be derived from it: Alli, Sandra, Allison, Liz, Lisa... It is important to think of these things when naming your child. I am just glad that my parents did not name me Art, because nothing good would have come of that in elementary school.

Little Alessandra was just a few weeks old when she got her first studio portraits. She was fascinated by the large softbox and would not take her eyes off of it...  She never fell asleep either so I never was able to take any of the peaceful sleeping baby photos that I had planned. We'll get those next time. See the full newborn baby gallery of Alessandra here.

Little Alessandra has red peachfuzz for hair. She will probably be blonde like her mom.

Hello world!

So tiny... just a handful.

Pretty in pink...

Hangin' with mom!

Daddy's girl...

Grandma and Alessandra.