Thursday, July 1, 2010

Moody Portrait of Collin

This weeks light test took place at our friend Megan's house. She has an upcoming client shoot and we were shooting light tests. With three photographers in working together, we all able to bounce ideas and knowledge off of each other.

The last 30 minutes of the day consisted of each of us taking turns running the shoot. We each had about 10 minutes to set up a lighting scenario and shoot a portrait. This artificial pressure helps prepare for similar real situations that happen on paying photoshoots. Nothing like pressure to hone your skills. My starting photo is shown to the right.

Here is my shot of Collin where I used a 24" portable softbox. A small silver reflector helped to fill in some of the shadows. That's it.

From there, a slaved flash was added to the backdrop. In this case I wanted to separate the back of the head which had gone to silhouette from the background.

The background light was moved to give different looks to the background.

The last version I tried was showed more of a spotlight effect on the background.